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Drum Preserve Dual System
Drum Preserve Dual System

: $300.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product code: DPS-2

Kit Contents:
Special Low Output Nitrogen Regulator
2- Billet Aluminum Drum Preserve Bung assembled with the required brass fittings (stainless steel optional)
2- 3ft- 1/2in ID Fuel Hose
2- 4ft- 1/4in ID Nitrogen Hose
Special Low Output Pressure Nitrogen Regulator
2- Adapters 3/8 NPT to .625" OD tubing for siphon tubes

Required to complete system:
Nitrogen Cylinder (available from welding supply)
** Less than 10 cubic feet of nitrogen to preserve and dispense 30 gallons of liquid at 3-5 psi
Copper or Stainless Steel 1/2 inch Tubing (26in for 30gal drums, 32in for 55gal drums)

Failure to properly store racing gasoline can result in the loss of the gasoline’s “front ends”. This can result in a subsequent lean condition in the engine’s combustion chambers leading to reduced HP, and possibly detonation and preignition in otherwise properly tuned engines! Racing gasoline should be stored in sealed and pressurized containers to preserve the critical front ends of the fuel!
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